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CoinIQ articles cover a broad spectrum of crypto/blockchain topics. We’ve created CoinIQ Academy for readers looking to focus on a specific niche.

Choose your area of interest, work through our curated collection of topical articles at your own pace, and enjoy your growing expertise.



Whether you're a trader or a hodl'er, choosing where to store your cryptocurrency is a key decision. This course walks through the pros and cons of various wallets, including both online solutions and hardware wallets. Make sure your crypto storage decisions are informed ones!

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Can't get enough crypto? Looking for more ways to learn, or to keep current on industry goings on? This course will keep you busy, with suggested books, newsletters, podcasts, and influencers for you to check out. And for the particularly studious, we have a list of crypto and blockchain scholarships.

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Interested in getting deeper into the world of initial coin offerings? This course offers guidance on how to research before you invest, and how to avoid the scams. And in case you're thinking of launching your own ICO, we look at which countries are most welcoming.

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Crypto In-Depth

Ready to take a deeper look at key cryptocurrency topics? This course covers ETFs, DAPPs, STOs, and stable and state-backed coins. We explain POW (proof of work) vs POS (proof of stake), consider the crypto lobbyist scene, and look at multiple ways to turn your crypto into passive income.

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Crypto for Beginners

Just getting started with cryptocurrency? This course will get you up to speed on what you need to know. Ways you can earn Bitcoin, how to choose the wallet and exchanges that suit your needs, how to best track your holdings. Plus an explanation of the lingo unique to the crypto space.

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Crypto Games and Collectibles

Kitties, cards, Etheremon and more! In this course, you'll find a list of 50+ crypto games and collectibles. Featuring in-depth guides on major cryptocollectibles, along with information on the steps required for you to buy, sell, trade, and maybe even ultimately profit from them.

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Crypto for Canadians

We've curated a selection of our best resources for understanding the crypto landscape in Canada. You'll find reviews of all the major exchanges, information on cryptocurrency regulation in Canada and advice on minimizing your trading fees in this course.

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