Bitcoin Cashback Guide: Shopping with Bitcoin for Discounts

One easy way to collect bitcoin is to sign up for a bitcoin cashback rewards program. The way these programs work is simple: every time you shop, a small amount of bitcoin gets sent into your wallet. All you need is a bitcoin address to get started, which you can obtain for free through cryptocurrency exchanges or bitcoin wallet services.

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“Our mission is to take you on a wonderful journey of the exciting world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency through a shopping experience full of never-ending perks and rewards.”


Coinback has the strongest merchant lineup of all the cashback programs. It’s a newer rebate platform that just came out in June of this year.

Despite the fact that it’s brand new, Coinback has already managed to partner with some impressive brands. Its partners include Nike, Walmart, Gap, Home Depot, Macy’s, CVS, Nordstrom and Staples.

The sheer number of businesses that offer discounts with is overwhelming. The “Stores” tab brings up an alphabetical list of every business that Coinback supports. You have to click nine or ten times to scroll through it. Alternatively, you can use categories to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Rick Broid of CNET recently gave Coinback a try and had positive things to say about his experience.

“The cashback percentage varies from store to store, but can range anywhere from 1 percent to 10 percent or even higher. If you’re thinking a point or two isn’t worth the hassle, remember your cashback credit card: it adds up. It’s also an effectively risk-free proposition.


“Link your debit and credit cards. Spend as you would at thousands of your favorite spots. Receive automatic cashback rewards in Bitcoin or cash. Seamless, intuitive, and automatic!”


Pei is just as intriguing as Coinback– and even easier to use on a day-to-day basis.

If you already own several debit or credit cards, you can start earning bitcoin rewards by hooking them up to the Pei app. Once you’re set up, bitcoins will automatically get dropped into your bitcoin wallet when you shop at one of Pei’s partners. The businesses that Pei supports include famous brands like 7/11, Denny’s, Papa John’s, GameStop, Starbucks and many other recognizable stores.

The “For Merchants” section of the Pei website explains why Pei benefits retailers. Pei lets them set up custom loyalty programs and track the way they shop. That data is valuable because it gives businesses data that can help them tweak the way they do business. Businesses don’t have to pay anything to Pei unless a Pei user uses the Pei app to buy something.


“Our mission is to make crypto useful. Purse allows users to name their own discount when shopping any product on Amazon by matching shoppers with earners- individuals who wish to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin!”

Source: CoinIQ

Purse is a unique rewards program that gives you two ways to earn bitcoin when you shop on Amazon. You can either use bitcoin or bitcoin cash on the Amazon site and enjoy a discount, or you can cash in your Amazon gift card for bitcoin.

The fastest way to get your Purse discount is to take the default 5% reduction. Alternative, you can set up a customized reduction. If you can find a Purse community member that will accept it, you can enjoy an even bigger discount. The higher you make the discount, the longer it takes to complete your purchase. However, the savings will also be better.

In addition to the main Purse features, there’s also a generous affiliate program. Purse affiliates get a 25% cut of all the fees that the company charges whoever they refer– forever. This allows you to make a small residual income just for giving your friends a way to earn bitcoin rewards when they shop.

The main downside to Purse seems to be the apps. Both the Android and iOS version of the app have low reviews. Most of the complaints have to do with the fact that you are forced to submit your login credentials every single time you open up the app.


“Enter your gift card number and pin. Don’t worry- they won’t be stored unless you accept an offer. We’ll check your card balance, and if everything looks good offer you BTC for the card. Offers are typically between 60-80% of the balance, and vary based on demand. If you accept, we’ll debit the gift card and credit your account.”

Source: CoinIQ

If you have gift cards that you aren’t using and you’d like to trade them in for bitcoin, you may want to check out CardForCoin. As its name suggests, it’s a service that connects you with gift card buyers that are willing to pay in BTC.


“Choose from hundreds of online stores, including all of your favorites. Do your shopping as normal – pay with credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. Bitcoin rewards are credited to your account within 48 hours.”

Source: CoinIQ

CoinRebates is very similar to Coinback. In fact, many of the retailers that have partnered with Coinback also work with CoinRebates. With a few notable exceptions, most of CoinRebates’ partners offer 2% or 3% rebates. There are, however, a few interesting deals.

Some of CoinRebates’ featured offers include:

  • AliExpress: 3%.
  • NewEgg: 1%.
  • Expedia: 3.5%.
  • Booking.com: 2%.
  • Udemy: 20%.

The CoinRebates website is equally as easy to use as Coinback’s. Basically, all you have to do when you join is fill in a profile and enter in the bitcoin address you want to use for rebates.


“Shoppers around the world are excited about the future of digital currency. We’ve enabled access for you to participate in Bitcoin Cash without the need to purchase it. We’ve been networking with the brands you know and love to bring you the best shopping deals and rewards in exchange for your custom.”

Source: CoinIQ

BitcoinRewards is one of the oldest bitcoin rewards sites on the internet. The site has partnered with a substantial number of different internet-focused brands over the years, including Booking.com, Hotels.com, GoDaddy, Overstock, Udemy and more. CoinRebates and Coinback seem to have more partners overall, though.

The brands you’ll find on BitcoinRewards may not be as recognizable, but some of the deals are quite good. A number of fashion and beauty oriented businesses offer some very deep discounts through this site.


“RETN DEALS brings the world’s best stores with their discounts and coupons in one single place. In addition, consumers double up their savings with additional cashback in cryptocurrency. Never Shop without RETN DEALS!”

Source: CoinIQ

RETN’s website isn’t easy to look at. Perhaps the most obnoxious thing about it is that there’s a useless floating diamond on the side of the interface that doesn’t do anything when you click on it.

If you can get past RETN’s janky interface, you’ll find rebate deals that are very similar to Coinback, CoinRebates and BitcoinRewards.

The best thing about RETN is that it has better worldwide availability than many similar bitcoin cashback platforms. Deals for local brands in many different countries are available, including Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Ukraine, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, India, Czech Republic and the Philippines.


“In our store, you can buy many products at a discount with Bitcoin payment method. Also, there are big discounts up to 15%! In this period when digital currencies are on the rise, we designed our discount shopping program with Bitcoin payment method. You can only shop with Bitcoin through our project. You will not need to share your credit card information on this vault.”

Source: CoinIQ

The “AWB” in the AWBStore brand name stands for Apple With Bitcoin. There is not much information about this site online, and no information about the site’s owners is available– so it’s hard to tell if it’s legitimate. However, the discounts that can be found on AWBStore are tempting. If you have bitcoin funds and you want to save money on Apple products, it could be worth further investigation.

Credit and Debit Cards

The future of bitcoin rewards programs could be cryptocurrency debit and credit cards. Several new cryptocurrency startups are busy building relationships with debit and credit card processors. Availability for these new cards is somewhat limited now– especially in the United States. However, that situation may change if the regulatory situation around cryptocurrency becomes more clear.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the major up-and-coming cryptocurrency debit cards that offer cashback rewards.

Wirex Cryptoback

“The world’s first crypto-cashback offer for debit card. Redeem instantly into Bitcoin or, in just two clicks, exchange into £, $, € instead.”

Source: CoinIQ

After struggling with finding a reliable payment processor, Wirex has finally debuted its new crypto-cashback debit card. However, there’s a catch: Cryptoback is currently only available in the UK. The card’s features look promising, though. Every time you swipe, you get 0.5% back in crypto rewards. If you don’t want to receive bitcoin, you can optionally switch to litecoin.

Related: Wirex Review: Crypto-powered Debit and Credit Cards


“In the next three months we’re going to launch Platinum cards — it’s a metallic card that allows you to get 1% cash back in cryptocurrencies and also provides you a concierge service. It gives you the stuff the Premium card gives you but then on top of it you get cash back in cryptocurrencies.”

Source: CoinIQ

Revolut’s cashback card is still in development, but the company’s ambitions are even greater than Wirex’s. The company’s tagline is “better than your bank account.”

Revolut caters to frequent travelers with features like competitive exchange rates, low fees for currency conversions and a free remittance service. Business Insider recently published an interview with Revolut CEO Nikolay Storonsky. It’s worth reading if you want to find out more about Revolut’s plans for the future.


“Download the Plutus Tap & Pay app and order your very own prepaid cryptocurrency card for free. Earn Pluton every time you top up your balance with BTC or ETH. Pay with your Card or Phone, anywhere. Take your crypto with you, anywhere that accepts contactless or cards.”

Source: CoinIQ

Plutus is a new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that plans to offer its users the ability to acquire a crypto debit card. Each time you make a purchase through the card, you’ll get Pluton tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through the Plutus decentralized exchange.

The Plutus DEX is up and running now, but it’s in beta– and the Plutus team is still ironing out the details of how its NFC-equipped contactless debit card will work. If you’re interested in signing up for the card, you can visit the Plutus site and join the waiting list.


“1% crypto back on every purchase. Choose which cryptocurrency you want and earn it every time you use your blockrize card. All you do is swipe and we’ll handle the rest.”

Source: CoinIQ

Blockrize is also still in development, but once its released you’ll be able to collect bitcoin and ether rewards for making in-store purchases with the card. According to the website, Blockrize will be available in the US sometime this year. The company intends to eventually add support for filing taxes and a number of other notable features. Learn more through the official Blockrize website.

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