How to Buy EOS With a Credit Card – Your Top 13 Options

The crypto world is going crazy as the year-long EOS.IO ICO comes to a close. Whether you get EOS through the ICO or buy EOS on an exchange, our guide will help you find the best way to buy EOS with a credit card.

A Quick Warning

You will lose your exchange-bought EOS Tokens on June 2 unless you register them. If you already knew that, then skip this section to learn how to buy EOS with a credit card.

If that’s news to you, then be sure to read the About EOS section at the end of this guide.

The Most Direct Ways to Buy EOS With a Credit Card

Only two exchanges accept credit cards and support EOS.


Getting BTC on Changelly
Source: Changelly

Changelly is the easiest way to use a credit card and get EOS Tokens, but it is also on the pricey side.

Unlike centralized exchanges, Changelly scans other exchanges for the best rates at the time you place your order. Your cryptocurrency passes straight through the Changelly system, gets traded on an exchange like Poloniex, and then your new coins pass straight through to your wallet.

Since Changelly never holds your coins for more than a few seconds, the service is very secure. This also means that any EOS Tokens you buy through Changelly will go straight into your Ethereum wallet. It will be up to you to register those tokens with EOS.IO.


The fees you have to pay, especially for credit card transactions, make Changelly an expensive path to getting EOS Tokens. Changelly and its credit card processor each charge a 5% fee for credit card transactions. Since you can only buy Bitcoin with a credit card, you also get charged another 0.5% to exchange Bitcoin for EOS Tokens.

If you are a first-time customer of Changelly’s credit card processor, it will limit your transactions for the first week and first month. Americans, for example, can only spend $50 on their first purchase, must wait four days for their next purchase and can’t spend more than $500 in the first week. Canadians and Australians will see the same limit. Russia and other CIS countries have unique limits. The rest of the world gets capped at $100 for the first purchase, $200 for the second and $500 for the first week.

Getting started

EOS on Changelly
Source: Changelly

Once you’ve created a Changelly account, you can select the Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card button on the home page. The Bitcoin gets deposited into your personal wallet since Changelly never takes custody of your crypto assets.

Trading Bitcoin for EOS on Changelly is a simple matter of filling out the wallet information. Changelly handles the rest.

Check out our full review of Changelly to learn more.


EOS on eToro
Source: eToro

eToro is a social trading network that specializes in derivatives but has recently expanded to support cryptocurrency trades. Ten coins are listed on the eToro cryptocurrency exchange, including the EOS Token. The European company serves a global clientele from its operation centers in Cyprus and London. Americans, no matter where they live, cannot use eToro.

There is no formal statement from eToro on the EOS MainNet swap which could leave you exposed on June 2. If you use eToro to buy EOS Tokens, your best bet will be to withdraw them into a personal wallet and register with EOS.IO directly.

You can fund deposits into an eToro account with Mastercard, Visa and Diners Club credit cards, but only those issued in the United Kingdom. Germany-issued WireCards are also accepted. Credit cards issued anywhere else in the world won’t work with eToro.


eToro does not charge any fees for buying cryptocurrency, only overnight fees on short orders.

However, keep in mind that eToro operates on a dollar basis. Dollar deposits are free, but deposits made in British pounds and euros will be subject to eToro’s conversion fees. In addition, your credit card issuer will charge you foreign exchange fees to convert British pounds or euros into US dollars.

eToro charges a $25 withdrawal fee. Unless you plan to buy a lot of EOS, the withdrawal fee may rule out eToro.

Getting Started

Depositing US dollars into your eToro account is a simple matter of entering your credit card information. Once the funds are there, a visit to the EOS market will let you place an order for EOS Tokens. Check out our review of eToro for full details.

Buy Crypto and Trade

Since most of the exchanges that trade in EOS Tokens do not accept credit cards, you’ll have to take some intermediate steps to get your EOS. In most cases, you will use your credit card to buy Bitcoin and then transfer those Bitcoin to exchanges that trade in EOS. However, there is one exception: buying EOS Tokens directly from the EOS ICO.


Source: EOS.IO

The year-long ICO comes to an end on June 1. If you are reading this in May, you still have a chance to get EOS Tokens directly. Unless, of course, you’re American. To avoid any issues with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Americans are not allowed to participate in the ICO

The public can place bids for EOS Tokens during predefined windows by contributing amounts of Ether (ETH). The EOS Tokens get distributed when each window, or period, closes according to a predefined formula. The total number of EOS Tokens being distributed in the period gets divided by the total amount of ETH investors contributed. That ratio gets multiplied by your ETH contribution to determine your share of the new tokens you’ll receive.

Distributing EOS Tokens
Source: EOS.IO

Note that EOS.io only recommends two Ethereum wallets, MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, for storing your EOS Tokens. Other Ethereum wallets may not work when the EOS MainNet swap goes through.

EOS exchanges

Besides Changelly and eToro, there are only a few other exchanges that list EOS. More importantly, these exchanges have also made a commitment to manage the EOS MainNet swap on behalf of their customers.


EOS on Binance
Source: Binance

Binance is a high-speed cryptocurrency exchange now based in Malta. More than 8 million users trade on the exchange, driving daily trading volume above the $1.5 billion level. The rapid rise in Binance’s popularity is due in part to a large listing of more than 110 cryptocurrencies, including the EOS Token.

In mid-March, Binance announced that it will support the EOS MainNet swap.


Binance does not charge for deposits of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals, however, are subject to the respective network fees.

You will get charged a ten basis point fee for your trade from Bitcoin to EOS Token. Binance has its own token which you can use to pay for these fees, in which case you get a 50% discount during your first year with the exchange.

Getting Started

Once you have set up your Binance account and deposited your Bitcoin, just navigate to the trading interface and place your order on the EOS market. Our review of Binance covers all the details.


EOS on Kraken
Source: Kraken

Kraken is quickly becoming recognized as part of a new cryptocurrency establishment. The exchange works closely with regulators and the traditional financial industry — it’s pricing is even used by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to calculate a Bitcoin futures index.

High liquidity and a listing that includes sixteen cryptocurrencies and four fiat currencies make Kraken a popular choice among traders. Not only is EOS listed, but Kraken will support its customers during the EOS MainNet swap.

“All clients with EOS balances in their Kraken accounts do not need to move these tokens or do anything else in order to have their EOS converted from the Ethereum network to the EOS MainNet.”


Kraken does not charge fees on cryptocurrency deposits.

Trading fees are allocated on a maker/taker basis with a sliding scale for high-volume traders. New customers buying EOS on Kraken will get charge 16 basis points.

EOS withdrawals are subject to a 0.50 Eos Token fee.

Getting Started

Kraken users can place orders for EOS directly from the BTC-EOS market page. You can learn more in our Kraken review.


EOS on KuCoin
Source: KuCoin

Launched in August 2017, the Singaporean exchange KuCoin now has more than 4 million registered users and nearly $48 million in daily trading volume.

In late March, the KuCoin team announced their support for the EOS MainNet swap.


Deposits into your KuCoin account are free. Withdrawals of EOS incur a 0.50 Eos Token fee.

KuCoin charges a 0.1% fee on all trades which is deducted from your purchase.

Getting started

You can place your order directly from the EOS market in the KuCoin trading interface.

Exchanges that accept credit cards

Exchanges like Kraken or Binance are great ways to get a supply of EOS Tokens, but first, you will need to use another exchange to buy Bitcoins with a credit card.


Source: Abra

Abra is a digital wallet app for smartphones. With its innovative technology, Abra lets its users make peer-to-peer trades in 54 fiat currencies and 20 cryptocurrencies. EOS Tokens are even on that list, but there’s a catch.

When you fund an Abra wallet and buy cryptocurrencies, you are actually creating Litecoin smart contracts that represent your holdings. The wallet only supports two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Anyone with a US-issued American Express Card can use the Abra app to buy Bitcoin and then transfer those coins to an exchange that trades in actual EOS Tokens.


Abra does not charge for deposits or withdrawals. Funding a deposit with an American Express Card, however, will incur a 4% “convenience fee” from AmEx.

Getting started

Simply download the Abra app to your iPhone or Android device. Abra does not have a verification process, so you can get started right away. Check out the Abra review to learn more.


EOS on Bitstamp
Source: Bitstamp

Bitstamp is another exchange that is integrating with the financial establishment. Based in Luxembourg, Bitstamp is the largest European crypto exchange by trading volume despite the fact that the exchange only lists five coins.

People living in more than 90 countries can use a credit card to fund their Bitstamp accounts.


Bitstamp applies a 5% fee on all credit card transactions. In addition, it charges a fee on each trade. New customers will end up paying 0.25% of their Bitcoin purchases, but a sliding scale offers discounts to high-volume traders. Bitcoin withdrawals, however, are free.

Getting Started

Bitstamp requires all of its customers to go through the identity verification process before they can trade on the exchange. Once that process finishes, usually within a few business days, you are free to place orders for Bitcoin from the Bitstamp trading interface. Our Bitstamp review has more information.


CEX trend analysis tool
Source: CEX.IO

CEX.io is a London-based exchange that serves mostly a European clientele. With markets in four fiat currencies and eight cryptocurrencies, CEX does not offer the most varied experience. However, those markets have high liquidity which should appeal to seasoned traders.

Credit card transactions are limited to $1,000 per transaction and $3,000 per month. There is, however, a tiered verification process that CEX customers can go through to increase their deposit and withdrawal limits. American customers must be verified.


Credit card deposits incur a 3.5% transaction fee as well as a $0.25, €0.25 or £0.25 charge depending on the cards base currency. Ruble-based credit card deposits get hit with a 5% + ₽15.57 fee.

CEX applies a maker/taker structure to its fee schedule. New customers buying EOS will pay a 0.16% fee on their trades.

There is no charge for cryptocurrency withdrawals.

Getting started

Once you’ve created your account and completed the verification process, CEX offers a very simple interface for making quick purchases of Bitcoin or other altcoins. There’s a lot more to it which you can find in our CEX review.


Getting Bitcoin on Coinmama
Source: CoinMama

The Slovakian/Israeli exchange CoinMama serves a simple purpose: letting people buy Bitcoin plus a few other cryptocurrencies.

Residents of more than 180 countries can access CoinMama’s services. Within the United States, however, state-by-state regulations make CoinMama’s service inconsistent. Residents of only 23 states can use CoinMama.


CoinMama’s credit card processor will charge you an extra 5% for funding your account. On top of that, CoinMama will charge a 5.9% fee for your Bitcoin purchase which it builds into the exchange rate.

There is no fee for withdrawing Bitcoin from CoinMama.

Getting started

Once you complete the mandatory verification process, CoinMama’s straightforward interface lets you buy Bitcoin easily. Read more about the exchange in our CoinMama review.


Buy Bitcoin on CoinSquare
Source: CoinSquare

CoinSquare will appeal to Canadians since it operates exclusively on Canadian dollars. The exchange has a nice selection of cryptocurrencies and has developed a trusted reputation. While the company has plans to expand globally, at the moment Canadians are the only ones who can take full advantage of CoinSquare’s services.


Credit card deposits at CoinSquare are among the most expensive of the exchanges in this guide. You will pay an additional 7.5% of the transaction in processing fees.

Buying cryptocurrencies triggers transaction fees that vary based on the coin and the purchase method. A quick trade option will cost 0.2% when buying Bitcoin or 0.4% when buying any altcoin. Using CoinSquare’s advanced trading system lowers the transaction fee to 0.1% for all cryptocurrencies.

Getting started

Only Canadians can go through the verification process needed to take full advantage of the CoinSquare exchange. The web app is the only way to fund your account with a credit card.

Peer-to-peer trading platforms

The final options for purchasing Bitcoin with a credit card so you can buy EOS are the peer-to-peer trading platforms LocalBitcoins and Paxful. These companies operate like eBay or Craigslist, matching buyers and sellers but playing little role in the actual exchange.

Regardless of the service you use, the search for Bitcoin offers starts by filtering the Bitcoin advertisements to those that are credit card based.


The exchange rate and any fees you pay will depend on how willing you are to submit identification information. The best deals go to people sellers can trust.

Neither Paxful nor LocalBitcoins charges buyers for using their service — they make their money by charging sellers advertising fees.

Getting started

Neither service requires verification to create an account. Simply start a search for offers based on credit card transactions and use the services’ rating systems to find the right deal for you. Our CoinSquare review has more details.

About EOS

Source: EOS.IO

EOS.IO will be an Ethereum-like platform for developing decentralized applications. It promises high-speed processing, no user fees, and an ability to run on multi-core processors or even clustered computers.

The main development team is a company called block.one, run by Dan Larimer. The creator of blockchain platforms BitShares and Steemit, Larimer is well-respected by the cryptocurrency community. His involvement in the project and track record is one reason EOS-backers are so optimistic about the platform’s prospects.

EOS Token and the ICO

EOS.IO is taking an innovative approach to funding its development. Rather than wait until the project was finished, block.one launched a year-long initial coin offering in 2017. Over the ensuing months, block.one slowly distributed the billion EOS Tokens. Since the EOS blockchain does not yet exist, these tokens are ERC-20 smart contracts distributed on the Ethereum blockchain. To date, the ICO has raised more than 20,000 ETH — or nearly $15 billion at current exchange rates.

Register it or lose it

People are buying and selling EOS Tokens on crypto exchanges as if they were no different from Bitcoin. What people may not understand is how temporary the EOS Tokens are.

The EOS.IO offering comes to a close on June 1. The next day, the EOS community will take a snapshot of registered EOS Token addresses on the Ethereum blockchain and swap the tokens to the EOS MainNet. This has an important impact on EOS Token owners. Your EOS Tokens will disappear on June 2 unless you register with EOS.IO.

EOS Tokens are a temporary tool for fundraising. The only way to ensure that you still own EOS once the EOS blockchain is up and running is to go through the registration process on the EOS.IO website and provide the address of your EOS Tokens in your Ethereum wallet.

Note that the EOS.IO FAQ page warns some Ethereum wallets may not work well with the EOS MainNet swap. The MetaMask add on for the Chrome browser or the online MyEtherWallet are two Ethereum wallets the EOS organization recommends.

The list of wallets “known to be incompatible” includes many of the big crypto exchanges. If you hold your EOS Tokens in an account with a crypto exchange, make sure it is an exchange that has formally stated it will support the EOS MainNet swap.

Final Thoughts

The potential benefits of the EOS.IO platform, along with the reputation of its developers, raises hopes among many crypto enthusiasts that the value of EOS will skyrocket. At the same time, other crypto enthusiasts point to the fact that the EOS blockchain itself does not even exist yet, much less the distributed applications that would justify its price.

Unfortunately, many people are jumping into EOS without fully understanding the temporary role of the EOS Tokens. If you have bought EOS Tokens, be sure to take the steps that leave you holding EOS on June 2.

Christopher Casper

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