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350 journalists.

Included: first and last name, email, publication name, an article they've written, Twitter URL.


250 news websites and blogs.

Included: URL, Domain Authority, and a traffic estimate.

News Publications


190 subreddits.

Included: Account name, handle, follower count, URL.




500 Twitter accounts.

Included: Account name, handle, follower count, URL.


100 ICO listing websites.

Included: Name, URL, contact page URL, traffic estimate, email.

ICO Listing Websites




200 Telegram accounts.

Included: Channel name, handle, URL, member count.


480 Facebook groups.

Included: Group name, member count, URL.




100 Quora topics.

Included: Topic name, follower count, URL.



100 events in 2018-2019.

Included: Event name, URL, City, Country, contact email, start date.

Note: Do your own research before engaging with each resource. Having the resource included in CryptoBook does not mean that we endorse it, or take responsibility for their content. In some cases, we were unable to find all the 'included data' for each lead. That said, we've tried our best for each and every lead.

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