Cryptocurrency Newsfeed Review

CryptocurrencyNewsfeed.com Review: Focused News From People, Not Bots

CryptocurrencyNewsfeed.com is a subscription-only news service for advanced investors. Although expensive, it provides up-to-the-minute news reports on nearly 4,000 coins and tokens.

If your investment strategy depends on market timing, a subscription to Cryptocurrency Newsfeed could make financial sense. This Cryptocurrency Newsfeed review will let you know what to expect from this unique service.

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What is Cryptocurrency Newsfeed?

Founded in November 2017 by Gil Oliveira and Aaron Wise, Cryptocurrency Newsfeed takes an old-fashioned approach to tracking the crypto industry. Rather than using bots to aggregate headlines from other news sites, this media startup employs a full-time staff to curate the earliest and best stories. Less than a year after its founding, the company has generated more than 90,000 stories on tokens most people have never heard of.

This approach to news aggregation caught the attention of crypto market research firm Brave New Coin. It bought Cryptocurrency Newsfeed only 9 months after the media company opened for business.

Brave New Coin CEO Fran Strajnar explained the logic behind the acquisition. “[Cryptocurrency Newsfeed] is a balanced engine of human and AI interaction, which will provide credible, well-curated sentiment analysis to BNC’s suite of services for investment firms, hedge funds, family offices, and retail investors alike.”

Wise contributed his perspective to the announcement: “The cryptocurrency industry needs a comprehensive news source – one that removes promotional and bias material – on the thousands of coins in existence. Our trained analysts are providing curated coverage of newsworthy developments affecting the industry, and this partnership will enable us to expand our service across even more coins.”

Subscription Options

Sign up for Cryptocurrency Newsfeed
Source: Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

To preserve the integrity of its work, Oliveira and Wise decided to forgo any advertising or other industry-sourced revenue. They make their money completely from subscriptions. You are their customer, not their product.

Individual subscriptions start at $99 per month. When you sign up, you get the first 7 days for free. After that, your credit card gets billed on a month-to-month basis with no commitment. Cryptocurrency Newsfeed lets you cancel at any time. If you decide the service needs to be a permanent part of your crypto research, then you can choose the $990 annual plan.

Businesses can get an Enterprise subscription. The standard package costs $4,000 per month and includes access to Cryptocurrency Newsfeed’s API. Exchanges could integrate the feed into their trading platform or crypto investment firms could integrate it into their in-house systems. The company can tailor other options such as multi-user discounts to meet corporate customers’ specific needs.

Signing Up

To start the registration process, you must provide your email address and prove you’re not a robot. Successfully completing this stage earns you a “personal” email from Oliveira.

Email from Cryptocurrency Newsfeed
Source: CoinIQ

After providing your email address and proving you’re not a robot, you must provide your payment details and subscribe to the monthly plan. You have the option to pay with a credit card or through PayPal. You will have seven days to take Cryptocurrency Newsfeed for a spin before the first month’s charge gets applied.

What kind of news do you get?

Phrases like “24/7 News. Handwritten by Analysts” or “Nothing Aggregated or Scraped By Bots. Handwritten By Humans” might make you think Cryptocurrency Newsfeed is the crypto version of Bloomberg. However, you won’t be getting original long-form or short-form articles.

The writing effort from Cryptocurrency Newsfeed’s staff stops at the headlines. Each news item is a link to content generated elsewhere. For example, the first news item to appear after I subscribed was an external link to CoinGeek. The story reported on the Spanish government’s insistence that crypto investors reveal their crypto holdings.

Spain wants to see your hodlings
Source: CoinGeek

Other links will take you to blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn articles, forum posts and other places where crypto news may appear.

Rather than paying for original content, your subscription covers pays for a human-driven first-pass filter. The human analysts weed out copycat news reports and create brief, informative headlines.

Cryptocurrency Newsfeed justifies its business model on the potential upside investors get with early access to news. Its case studies show how investors could have protected themselves from losses or caught rising prices early. Of course, that assumes that an investor acted on the information.

User Experience

Demo of Cryptocurrency Newsfeed
Source: Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

Cryptocurrency Newsfeed’s user interface and concise headlines makes it easy to spot news that matters to you. The live demo on its website gives you a feel for what the service is like. It has a week’s worth of old headlines, but otherwise works just like the real thing. Once you sign up, you get the same interface but with all of the latest news.

The raw feed of stories about nearly 4,000 coins and tokens can be overwhelming, so you’ll find ways to filter the feed to the assets you care about most.

Filter Cryptocurrency Newsfeed
Source: Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

Create a “Favorite” list of the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio or those on your radar.

Top coins on Cryptocurrency Newsfeed
Source: Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

Use the “Categories” option to filter the kinds of news stories that appear in your feed. However, you do risk missing out on key stories if you do.

Filter by category on Cryptocurrency Newsfeed
Source: Cryptocurrency Newsfeed

You can also filter the feed based on “Sentiment”. If you’re only concerned with selling your assets before the price drops, you can track just the neutral and negative stories. If you’re looking for opportunities to buy, track the neutral and positive stories. You also might want to keep tabs on the stories where Sentiment is “undecided” — those could be the wildcards that nobody expects.

Final Thoughts

At $99 per month, Cryptocurrency Newsfeed is not for casual crypto investors or for long-term hodlers. If you trade large volumes on a daily basis, however, the monthly subscription could pay for itself. The curated news feed won’t swamp you with duplicate stories about the same event. And the filters can help you focus in on the news and tokens that matter to you.

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