Gods Unchained Pre-Sale Guide – Buying, Flipping, and Profiting from Cards

Gods Unchained is a digital trading card game that’s similar to Hearthstone, Magic: the Gathering Online and The Elder Scrolls Legends. Like those titles, gameplay is fast-paced and centers around player-versus-player card battles. The twist to the usual formula is that Gods Unchained players own all the cards that they buy in the game. Card ownership is tracked on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Gods Unchained isn’t out yet, but tokens are already being released. During an auction, a rare card sold for 146.279 ether, or over $42,000 USD at today’s exchange rate. Read on to learn how to buy, flip and profit from Gods Unchained cards.

Getting Started

Gods Unchained players can opt to start out with a free deck of common cards. But if you want to earn a profit from flipping Gods Unchained cards, you’ll need to acquire rare, powerful cards. This is easy to do if you already have ether. If you don’t own ether, you’ll need to purchase some first. Here’s a step-by-step view of everything you need to buy Gods Unchained card packs.

Downloading MetaMask

Gods Unchained, Decentraland, CryptoKitties and other Ethereum-powered dApps rely on MetaMask for payment processing. If you don’t already have MetaMask, just go to MetaMask.io and click Get the Chrome Plugin. During the setup process, the installer will give you a set of seed words. The seed words provide the only way to recover your MetaMask account if you forget your password– so be sure to copy them down and save them somewhere safe.

Source: CoinIQ

Purchase some ether

The easiest option for buying ether through MetaMask is CoinBase. Just open MetaMask and click the Deposit button, then choose Continue to CoinBase.

CoinBase provides two different ways to buy ether through MetaMask: Credit/Debit card or Bank Account. You’ll pay less in transfer fees if you choose the bank account option, but you’ll also have to wait longer for the ether you bought to show up in your account.

Source: CoinIQ

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After the ether you bought appears in your MetaMask wallet, you’ll be able to buy Gods Unchained cards. Go to the Gods Unchained site and click Start Your Deck.

Now you can choose what type of deck you want to buy.

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Note: It’s worth pointing out here that every Gods Unchained card pack has an equal chance of finding a Mythic Titan. Mythic Titans are extremely rare, which means that they are potentially very valuable. Scroll down for more information about card types.

Once you’ve deposited enough ether to purchase a card pack into MetaMask, select a card type and click the Buy button. This will cause MetaMask to appear. MetaMask automatically shows you how much you’re spending in dollars. If you want to buy a single rare card pack, the cost amounts to around $3.69 plus gas. Prices go up from there. Shiny Legendary– the most expensive type of pack– costs 1 ether, or approximately $285 USD.

You can change the gas price by clicking the Data tab. The more ether gas you spend, the faster the Ethereum network will process your transaction. Likewise, lowering the gas fee will slow down your purchase.

Source: CoinIQ

Once you click the Confirm button, MetaMask will disappear and Gods Unchained website will display the following message:

Source: CoinIQ

After the transaction has processed, you’ll be able to open your card decks and find out what’s inside. You can do this by clicking the Open Cards tab on the top right-hand corner of the page. The interface looks like this:

Source: CoinIQ

To open a deck, simply drag it to the triangle in the center of the screen.

Source: CoinIQ

Now you can see the cards that you’ve purchased.

The Inventory part of the Gods Unchained website lets you view and sort all your cards.

Assessing the Value of Your Cards

Buying strategies

There are two main strategies to use when buying Gods Unchained cards. One strategy involves buying a large quantity of inexpensive Rare decks. This is the strategy to use if you want to try to acquire the two remaining Mythic Titans. During a recent auction, a Mythic Titan card sold for 146.28 ether. If that price is any indication of what the remaining two Mythic Titan cards will eventually be worth, whoever gets them will likely be able to flip them for tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of ether. On the other hand, investing in Rare packs is also a risky strategy because there’s no guarantee that you’ll draw anything better than one Rare card and four common cards each time you open a deck.

If you don’t want to risk your luck on Rare decks, go for the expensive Epic, Legendary and Shiny legendary decks. These expensive decks are a comparatively safe wager because they guarantee that you’ll get a handful of top-tier cards with each purchase. Each top-tier Shiny Legendary pack comes with at least one Legendary Shiny card plus at least one Rare card.

Card Types

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the available card types on Gods Unchained.

Mythic Titan cards

As mentioned above, Mythic Titan cards are the rarest type of card in the Gods Unchained universe. A maximum of four Mythic Titan cards will be spawned each year.

One Mythic Titan card has already been sold, and the remaining two that were made available for the pre-sale are still unclaimed. This year’s fourth Mythic Titan will be auctioned off shortly after the playable beta launches. (In July, Fuel Games Chief Operating Officer Robbie Ferguson told TrustNodes that a playable version of the game will launch in September.)

Shadow, Diamond and Gold cards

These types of cards aren’t as rare as Mythic Titans, but still quite rare compared to common cards.

Genesis cards

The Gods Unchained Genesis set is composed of 380 unique cards that will only be available during the on-going Genesis Sale. After the sale reels in 33,333 ether worth of revenue, the makers of Gods Unchained will stop producing them. After that point, the only way to acquire a Genesis card is by trading for them on Rare Bits, OpenSea and other token trading sites.

Promotional cards

Promotion cards are cards that are only available for a limited period of time, or through select channels. Fuel Games has launched two such promotions so far.

Special token marketplace cards

The creators of Gods Unchained have partnered with OpenSea and Rare Bits to release two cards that can only be bought via those token marketplaces. Open Sea Raider is only available on OpenSea, and Rare Blitzer is only available on Rare Bits.

“Here at Fuel Games, we believe that when we give you an asset, it’s truly yours. That means, just like if you owned a physical card in real life – you’re allowed to trade it on whatever marketplace or platform you like.”

Etherbots cards

Fuel Games– the same developer behind Gods Unchained— launched Etherbots in March. In just 24 hours, the Ethereum-powered robot battle game surpassed CryptoKitties in terms of transaction volume on the Ethereum network. The Etherbots promotion is designed to capitalize on that success and encourage Etherbots players to try Gods Unchained.

More information about the promotion is available on the Gods Unchained website:

“The Etherbots Promotional set has 16 cards. 5 Etherbots parts, (which can be purchased off the Etherbots marketplace) can be used to receive 1 cardpack with 5 cards. For every shadow or gold part used, there will be one shadow or gold Etherbots Promotional card. Finally, if one of the Etherbots parts is an exclusive (lambo/AP), you will receive an Etherbots Promotional legendary.”


Fuel Games recently partnered with Australia-based internet marketing firm Gleam to unveil a new promotion designed to spread the word about Gods Unchained. Anyone who helps out in the publicity drive will automatically receive an untradable promotional card called the Golden Blessed Chimera.

In addition to the Blessed Chimera, twenty promoters will receive four Legendary card packs– and four more will get one Shiny Legendary card pack. Also, the Gods Unchained team will reward an additional Shiny Legendary pack to whoever comes up with the best YouTube video. The writer of the best blog post will get a Shiny Legendary pack, too. More details about the Gleam promotion are available here.

How to determine a card’s rarity

If you want to find out exactly how rare your cards are, the resource to use is api.godsunchained.com. This card analysis tool pulls Ethereum blockchain data associated with each and every Gods Unchained card. Information about how to use it is available here.

Where to Trade Gods Unchained Cards

In addition to the main Gods Unchained site, you can also buy and sell Gods Unchained cards in token marketplaces.


OpenSea markets itself as “the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles.” The promotional Open Sea Raider card is only available here.

Rare Bits

The creators of Rare Bits believe that collectibles will “pave the way for a new era of digital ownership.” This marketplace is the only place where you can get the Open Sea Raider promotional card.

The Gods Unchained Referral Program

Once you create a Gods Unchained account, you can access your referral code by clicking the Referral tab on the top of the main page. You can use this code to get a 10% kickback from all purchases made by people who use your link to buy card packs.

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