A Comprehensive List of Cryptocurrency Newsletters – 15+ Newsletters

Changes in the cryptocurrency market happen quickly. That’s why keeping up to date with the latest crypto news is so essential. This list of crypto newsletters will help you stay current.

State of Crypto

State of Crypto Newsletter
Source: CoinIQ

You may already know that CoinIQ publishes a weekly newsletter – State of Crypto. Here, we aim to provide you with the most essential stories, carefully curated to ensure that you never miss the stories that are most important and relevant to understanding the crypto economy. Each newsletter has four sections:

  • Business, Partnerships and Fundraising highlights important mergers and acquisitions, security breaches and hacks, and other market-moving events.
  • Innovation and Technology covers topics such as developments in blockchain protocols, blockchain adoption in other industries, or advances in ASIC technology.
  • Government, Politics, and Regulation collects stories about the government regulators whose red tape can make or break the crypto industry.
  • Good Reads is comprised of a few, hand-picked articles by our editor that fall outside the three categories mentioned above.

You may also find that other sources zoom in on your particular crypto interests and give you broader perspectives. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the crypto newsletters you might consider reading.

Free to read newsletters


Source: CoinDesk

A well-known crypto news source, CoinDesk offers three newsletters that can keep you on top of crypto developments. You have a choice of two daily newsletters and a weekly newsletter. CoinDesk has been operating since May 2013 and the site reaches over 5 million unique visitors.

CoinDesk newsletters include:

  • Blockchain Bites. Published every weekday at 12:30 EST, this newsletter gives you a summary of the day’s news as reported on CoinDesk, with curated references to crypto Twitter feeds and news from across the world wide web.
  • CoinDesk Weekly. Is a daily email too frequent? Consider the CoinDesk Weekly which includes commentary on the week’s news. You get a single weekly email in your inbox.
  • Markets Daily. This price-focused newsletter is sent out at 9 AM every weekday and provides insight into the latest crypto pricing and charts, including comprehensive coverage of crypto markets.

CoinDesk provides wide coverage, but it’s always a good idea to get a different take on a different market, so don’t rely just on CoinDesk – check out the other crypto coverage too.


Source: CCN

A major provider of crypto pricing and up-to-the-minute news across the cryptocurrency sphere, CCN also offers a free newsletter subscription service. CCN publishes a lot of content, covering everything from crypto crime news through to altcoin news and in-depth opinion pieces covering well-known coins and popular crypto exchanges. Subscribe to the CCN newsletter to get automated deliveries of CCN news.


Source: Unbankd

Unbankd hits your inbox every day. It’s short and sweet, reporting on a couple of key issues offering the author’s unique take on that week’s events. Sections include exchanges, regulation, research, memes, a coin of the day, and more. Each section features a few stories, in addition to the editor’s take on it. 

All in all, Unbankd is an excellent newsletter for those that want a comprehensive daily overview of crypto news.

Proof of Work

Proof of Work
Source: Proof of Work

This weekly newsletter focuses on broadcasting news directly from crypto teams. It’s a mix of highly technical and markets news and a great fit for crypto investors who really know their stuff.

Token Economy

Token Economy
Source: Token Economy

Edited by Stefano Bernardi and Yannick Roux, Token Economy keeps track of developments across cryptocurrencies. Or, as they put it, the distributed ledger economy space.

Token Economy is delivered once a week and takes a broad approach to the crypto sector. Each newsletter leads with a particular topic, followed by a “Thoughts” section referencing recent crypto events including the editor’s take. There is also a “Newsy Stuff” section which links across to the latest crypto news events. Finally, Token Economy summarises the latest movements in new projects under a “Cool New Projects” section.

Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt
Source: Tales from the Crypt

It’s an ominous-sounding title, but this newsletter narrated by Marty Bent takes an interesting angle on cryptocurrency news. It comes in the shape of an audio recording – but you can opt to get a weekly link in your inbox if you like. Expect intellectual interviews with crypto players, in-depth looks at technical crypto issues and birds-eye coverage of important cryptocurrency news.

The Daily Bit

The Daily Bit
Source: The Daily Bit

Suited to both experts and crypto newbies, the Daily Bit is a solid review of the previous day’s crypto events. The newsletter starts with the latest price movements in major coins followed by a summary of industry updates including links to related articles. The final section of the Daily Bit presents the writer’s unique take on their choice of the cryptocurrency issue of the day.

Coin Daily Update

Coin Daily Update
Source: Coin Daily

Need a simple, daily update on the latest crypto price movements? Coin Daily Update lets you pick the currencies you want to monitor. Every day Coin Daily Update sends you an email with the current price of your chosen coins, the percentage change and market volume over 24 hours and the total market cap.

MIT Chainletter

MIT Chainletter
Source: MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the leading universities for technology topics. The institute’s Chainletter applies academic rigor to its crypto coverage but stays on the leading edge, as you’d expect from a top technology university. It’s a newsletter worth considering if you want a more serious, academic perspective on cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Confidential

Crypto Confidential
Source: Crypto Confidential

With the exception of the MIT Chainletter, many of the crypto newsletters sit solidly outside of the mainstream business news services. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the crypto newsletter presented by Forbes.

Forbes has been covering Wall Street and business news since 1917. Their Crypto Confidential newsletter offers a business-centered take on crypto, looking at the ways in which blockchain will revolutionize a range of industries. It is published every Tuesday and Friday.

Inside Bitcoin

Inside Bitcion
Source: Inside Bitcoin

For news focused on Bitcoin alone, check out Inside Bitcoin. This rapid-fire, newswire-style newsletter contains price updates and reports on the latest happenings affecting Bitcoin, including links to full articles where you can gain further insight. Each daily newsletter covers four pertinent topics in-depth and six more topics with a quick headline. It’s a good option for a short, focused Bitcoin read.

Week in Ethereum News

Week In Ethereum News
Source: Week In Ethereum News

Week in Ethereum News rounds up the latest Ethereum news every week. The newsletter covers Ethereum 2.0 and Ethereum code changes, as well as standards and governance developments. It gets quite technical, but it is a good read if Ethereum is your coin of choice.


Crypto Weekly
Source: Crypto Weekly

Looking for broad-based coverage of decentralized computing? CryptoWeekly covers not just cryptocurrency news but also the broader blockchain scene. Each newsletter contains a pricing analysis covering Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins. Also, look out for exclusive interviews with key crypto players and discounts to cryptocurrency events.

Token Daily Newsletter

Token Daily Newsletter
Source: Token Daily Newsletter

Just as the title says, you get this newsletter on a daily basis. It starts off with a tweet of the day, moving on to a single article that the writing team thinks you really shouldn’t miss. It follows with a topic that generates a lot of questions on the previous day, an essential read for that day and a summary of the latest crypto launches and updates.

Blockchain Weekly

Blockchain Weekly
Source: Blockchain Weekly

Do you have a strong interest in blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies and individual coins? If the answer was yes, check out Blockchain Weekly, a newsletter covering the latest developments in blockchain technology. It’s a mix of the latest news from a variety of sources. There’s also a useful summary of blockchain technology topics headed “Blockchain for Newbies.”

Newsletters with a paywall

We’ve covered many of the countless free crypto news sources, but some crypto newsletters require you to pay to get access to the content on offer. With so many free resources, is it worth paying for a cryptocurrency newsletter? We will let you judge for yourself. These are the two paid-for cryptocurrency newsletters currently available.

Off The Chain

Off The Chain
Source: Off The Chain

Anthony Pompliano is well known on the crypto scene, with some spectacular comments and predictions (right or wrong) that have been widely published. Pompliano writes a daily newsletter called “Off the Chain,” which is not available free of charge.

Your $30/month gets you news straight from Pompliano, including in-depth coverage on some crypto topics plus short news snippets (including links for referencing). Is it worth $30/month? Pompliano has claimed five-figure subscriber numbers. Clearly, some people must think so.

Private Key

Private Key
Source: Private Key

Quartz– the company behind Private Key– is a new-media publisher that covers just about every issue of popular interest. Their newsletter promises to distill the most important crypto news, filter out misinformation and stick to the facts. You can get a 14-day trial, but ongoing access is $15 per month.

More ways to stay informed

In addition to subscribing to the newsletters listed above, you can do even more to stay abreast of cryptocurrencies. A crypto news geek will have further strategies set up, including Google News Alerts.

Another way to stay in the loop is by monitoring cryptocurrency discussion forums such as Bitcoin Talk. Often the real breaking news will be found there. The newsletters we outlined above will help you interpret the discussion forum noise.

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